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The duck and bison from Rge Rd. // Chelsea Novak

Rge Rd offers takeout menu during social distancing

Rge Rd
10643 123 St., 780-447-4577

With many restaurants closing their doors to keep the spread of COVID-19 in check, it can be difficult to find a fine dining option. Luckily, the good people at Rge Rd have your back with their new weekend takeout menu.

The restaurant will post a new menu to its website, Facebook page and Instagram account (@rge_rd) every Thursday. You can then phone in anytime after noon on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to place an order and pay by credit card. You’ll be given a pick up time, and when you arrive at the restaurant you call to let them know you’re outside. A runner armed with disinfectant and hand sanitizer will deliver your food, and you can always pop the trunk to minimize contact.

This past weekend, the takeout menu included two options: the locavore and the meat lovers. Both were served family style and could be ordered for two ($75), four ($125) or six people ($185). There was also an appy package ($25) available and you can ask about wine and beer pairings.

Seeing as my husband and I are currently expecting, we opted to skip the wine pairing when we ordered the localvore for two. The food was packed and ready to go when we pulled up outside Rge Rd and was still reasonably warm when we sat down to eat it at home. 

The gouda-potato perogies and house-made sausages. // Chelsea Novak

The meal came packed in four containers. The first held the gouda-potato perogies, which were loaded with a much bigger flavour than their ubiquitous cheddar counterparts. They went well with the herb-infused house made sausage they were served with. 

The second container held a roasted duck leg and a slab of bison steak. While the former was good, the latter really stole the show—cooked rare, it was tremendously tender and had great flavour. Both meats were served on a bed of roasted root vegetables and cooked grain, though the latter wasn’t included on the menu. It appears it may have been a last minute substitution for hazelnut spaetzle, but it did come with a small container of cheese sauce, which went just fine with the grain and vegetables.

Carrot cake! // Chelsea Novak

To finish off the meal, the fourth container held two small pieces of carrot cake. The spices in the cake made a fitting finale for what was a very pleasing meal. 

No doubt next weekend’s offerings will be different, but Rge Rd has definitely proven it can still deliver a great dining experience even during a pandemic.

The restaurant has also started offering weekday pick up features, so be sure to check out their social media accounts for more details.

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