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"Bed and Breakfast" stars Mathew Hulshof as Brett and Chris Pereira as Drew. // Ian Jackson/EPIC Photogrpahy

Review: Theatre Network’s Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast
Theatre Network; directed by Bradley Moss; written by Mark Crawford; Roxy Theatre on Gateway; until Sun., Dec. 8.
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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast, starring Mathew Hulshof and Chris Pereira, is a charming play about a gay couple from Toronto who wind up running a bed and breakfast in a small town. 

As Brett (Hulshof) and Drew (Pereira) adjust to life outside the city, they encounter both new friends and new challenges. From small-town homophobia to organizing the local Santa Claus parade, to launching their own business, the couple struggles to endure even as family secrets come to light.

Hulshof and Pereira do a great job of playing not only Brett and Drew, respectively, but also of playing the rest of the cast. They hop back and forth between roles, often in a humorous way, but sometimes, as the pace becomes more frantic and they switch back and forth too quickly, it can be difficult to tell which character they’re portraying. 

Another issue with the characters of Brett and Drew is found in the writing. While both Hulshof and Pereira bring their unique charms to their main characters, there’s not enough in the script to really differentiate the two men. Even though they both grew up in different environments and have different relationships with their families, the ways in which they react to what’s going on are often very similar and it sometimes seems arbitrary as to which of them is having a harder time dealing with any given setback. 

Drew (Chris Pereira) and Brett (Mathew Hulshof) give their outfits some final adjustments. // Ian Jackson/EPIC Photogrpahy

That said, the set and lighting design by Scott Peters and the soundtrack and sound design by Darrin Hagen added a lot to the play, and overall the script was funny and sweet.

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