Celebrate Halloween with Cash Cash at this year’s new and improved SCREAM

Scream 2019
Edmonton Expo Centre
Oct. 26 7 pm

By Anuska Sarkar

As the leaves change colour and the crisp fall air starts to set in, we can take comfort in the infallible arrival of the much-awaited Halloween electronic massive SCREAM once again. With a new, bigger venue at the Edmonton Expo Centre this year, along with a stacked lineup including the likes of Knife Party, Armin van Burren, and Cash Cash, we can bet that this year’s SCREAM will be one for the books. 

Boodang’s legendary Halloween massive brings us three stages featuring an assortment of electronic music genres that are sure to have something for everyone. Whether you enjoy trance, bass, hardstyle, or some good ol’ electropop, this year’s lineup has got you covered. We had the chance to catch up with electronic producer and DJ Jean Paul Makhlouf from the renowned trio Cash Cash. 

Cash Cash has been making its mark on the electronic music scene since its highest-charting hit “Take Me Home” back in 2013, featuring Bebe Rexha. Comprised of brothers Jean Paul and Alex along with their friend Samuel, the band has found its own coveted sound that has triumphed over the hearts of many through the years. 

Cash Cash // Jimmy Fontaine

“We’ve always been producing our music in our home basement studio. So it always had this certain tone to it that made it sound ours—whether it was us doing things the wrong way or differently, it was just our way of doing things,” Makhlouf says.

Having found their true sound, the Cash Cash boys have produced countless hits, including EDM anthems such as “Finest Hour” and “Surrender,” that have become a ubiquitous part of electronic music vocabulary. Not only have they mastered the art of creating timeless originals, but they have also produced killer remixes to songs by pop heavy hitters like P!nk, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more. 

“When you’re collaborating with an artist, you’ll be talking about so many different things—you kind of get a melting pot of everybody’s emotions, which then becomes one. It’s this whole crazy process that just at the end of it gets you to a song,”Makhlouf says.

The Cash Cash crew is famous for its invigorating sets, filled with palpable energy and elation, and we can be damn sure that they will be bringing that same feeling to their set at SCREAM. 

“It’s really an action of letting go,” Makhlouf says. “You have a busy work week, you’re working your ass off at school or work and our shows are a place where you can come and just let go of everything. Let loose. It’s really about everyone there feeling the good times.”

Making music and sharing it with the fans is what the Cash Cash trio lives for, and that passion is what makes its set an exhilarating experience. Ever since they started making music in a basement together17 years ago, the boys have been steadfast in their pursuit of following their passion for making music. 

“For us it’s just doing it. Being able to continue doing what we love, that’s the beauty for us and we know we will because we can’t see ourselves doing anything else. This is our calling.” 

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