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Fringe review: Die-Nasty: The Live Improvised Soap Opera

Die-Nasty: The Live Improvised Soap Opera
Directed by Peter Brown, Belinda Cornish, and Vincent Forcier; Die Nasty; Varscona Theatre; until Sat., Aug. 24.
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Die-Nasty: The Live Improvised Soap Opera

By Jake Pesaruk 

Improv dominates a large corner of the Fringe, as numerous acts both local and from abroad come to test their mettle in the arena of the random and obscure. With so many of these shows bidding for your time, why even consider any of the rest, and not just go for the best?

Die-Nasty, the legendary local improv troupe that hasn’t lost momentum over their decades-long conquest, is proving once again that they are a must-see at this year’s Fringe. 

A who’s who of local theatre heroes dot the cast, featuring the likes of Belinda Cornish, Shannon Blanchett, Jason Hardwick, and Mark Meer—and these are just some of the names in this top-tier battle royale of buffoonery. 

As always there is a certain theme to improv extravaganza with this year’s being the Fringe itself, as you’ll see characters such as the local shawarma stand guy, the high calibre actress accompanied by her rival, and of course, the wine-drunk critic, all of whom bumble their way through various improvised disasters all revolving around the Fringe and its grounds.

The highlight is that no show is guaranteed to be the same twice. 
If you need a break from some of the highs or lows at this year’s festival, every night at 10:45 p.m. at the Varscona there is something seldom seen in improv—a guaranteed good time, and Die-Nasty aims to deliver again and again.

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