Fringe review: Don’t Not Talk To Strangers


The performers over at the local sketch comedy Don’t Not Talk To Strangers (dntts) group have clearly been honing their craft since starting in 2017, and during their Fringe show, it really shows. The show has a really nice balance of bizarre/awkward life situations and totally ludicrous scenarios and while some of the sketches might not hit with everybody, you can be sure a few of them definitely will. No sketch overstays its welcome and the dntts crew are adept at getting in the laughs and getting out. 

I was reminded of a specific Seinfeld episode during the “guy who finishes your sentences sketch” or even the book club that’s not really a book club. Each performer is funny in their own right and the chemistry between the whole group is just hilarious to watch. You can tell each performer is having the best time and that energy resonates with the audience. They also don’t rely on gags, but smart humour. The performers trust that the audience is well read and actually know something about how society attempts to work. 

The recurring “sympathetic AI” sketch was also quite funny, especially since, with our advancement in technology, we as a society are pretty much there.    

By far, my favourite sketch that left me holding my side was black metal storytime, which features Dr. Seuss, a church burner extraordinaire who dons ridiculous corpse paint. 

If you want to see some of the best young sketch comedy Edmonton can offer, you can’t go wrong with dntts. 

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