Fringe review: Girl Brain Takes the Fringe!


By Lucy Haines

If there’s any doubt that Edmonton is a hotbed for the country’s comedy scene, look at the number of local offerings at this year’s Fringe: multiple shows from heavy-hitters like The Grindstone Comedy Theatre and Rapid Fire Theatre. The improv, stand-up and sketch comedy scene here is booming.  

Case in point: a Saturday at noon on 81 Avenue at 100 Street and there’s not a parking space to be found. Lines form at Grindstone Theatre and the venues in the church across the street. It’s not a surprise that the crowds are out at this early hour though, because Girl Brain is here. Arguably the hottest comedy act happening in the city,the sketch comedy trio of Alyson Dicey, Caley Suliak, and Ellie Heath are the talented gals who provide the laughs about everyday life situations.

In this 60-minute edition at Fringe, the trio take on the busy-ness of working multiple jobs at Fringe, from shifts at the A & W , to taking in friend’s shows, spotting ‘green hat’ guy in the lineups and general awkwardness when encountering folk on the Fringe grounds. One particularly funny thread follows Alyson’s frustration at Caley for not answering an email. We can all relate.

Acting with funny voices and accents, donning moustaches or singing and dancing about Fringe volunteers and green onion cakes, Girl Brain is a good time. Catch these gals at Fringe while you can, before they take on the Citadel Theatre’s House Series this November and various sketch fests after that.

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