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Photo by Nico Humby

Fringe review: Gender? I Hardly Know Them

Gender? I Hardly Know Them
Directed by Paul Blinov; Tiny Bear Jaws / Rapid Fire Theatre; Sugar Swing Ballroom, Upstairs; until Sun., Aug. 25.
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Gender? I Hardly Know Them

The whole social construct of gender is kind of a joke to begin with, but sketch comedians Elena Eli Beylea and Sydney Campbell dive deep. They not only find the humour in traditional norms and modern interactions, but also explore their own experiences with sexuality and gender identity. 

The sketches in Gender? I Hardly Know Them are fast-paced and quick-witted. Beylea and Campbell switch characters at a moment’s notice and are so on at all times that it’s a little exhausting just watching them. In the sequences between sketches, the two slow down and offer something different—vulnerability, emotional authenticity, and something to think about regardless of your (current) sexuality or gender identity.

The show also features “A Super Great Special Guest,” who pops up to deliver some really entertaining interludes.

If you’re looking to laugh while sharing in a warm, safe space, this show is just what you need.

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