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Fringe review: ThunderCATS

Directed by Byron Martin; Grindstone Theatre;The Grindstone—Luther Centre; until Sun., Aug. 25.
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If you thought the forthcoming uncanny valley nightmare was the weirdest thing to happen to Andre Lloyd Webber’s Cats, then has the Grindstone Theatre got a surprise for you.

This musical parody combines Webber’s classic songs with everyone’s favourite Thunderians—which is the name of the ThunderCats’ species, or something.

The show is hysterical and a laugh-out-loud experience from the moment the cast first appears on stage in body paint and leotards. It probably helps to be at least a little familiar with either the original musical or the ThunderCats TV show—or better yet both—but watching the cast leap around the stage and rub up against each other in cat-like fashion is potentially funny regardless. 

What really makes this show stand out is the strong performance delivered by every single member of the cast. All sing, all dance, all nail the timing of the jokes—and that allows them to keep their audience in stitches the whole way through.

Props also go to the on-stage band, who never seemed to miss a beat, no matter what weirdness was going on around them.

ThunderCATS: The Musical should definitely be on your must-see list for Fringe Festival 2019.

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