Kudatah joins the video game world with “Freedom Everlasting”

R e l e a s e – Freedom Everlasting
Vignettes Building, 10004 103a ave

Local record label Kudatah is now moonlighting as a videogame developer for the upcoming release party of Freedom Everlasting, a new interactive experience that has players collecting vibrant coloured tapes/cassettes as they run through an industrial maze of twists, turns, walls, and pits of acid. 

Freedom Everlasting is a concept and video game, says co-founder of Kudatah/developer of the game, Sven Shappka—known by his performing name Sven K.

“The concept is a bullshit spiritual idea of being free, kind of a culty kind of vibe,” adds co-founder Carter Booth (a.k.a. Old Booth). “But also, Freedom Everlasting is a video game that will allow you to achieve happiness and euphoria by collecting enough tapes and tokens. You gotta get that high score and it’s all about how long you can last.”

Trailer for Freedom Everlasting

The idea to create their own video game came from past successful parties the record label has thrown.

“At the last event we had Smash Bros set up and that went over pretty well. I have a bit of experience making games in Unreal Engine so we decided to make our own game,” Shappka says.

The event will host five set ups of the game with a backdrop of music from Kudatah artists Sven K, Old Booth, Text Chunk, and Hood Joplin, as well as Vancouver’s Jade Statues. 

The founders of Kudatah

Kudatah’s founders also plan on releasing the video game out into the world sometime after the event, but they haven’t hashed out final details yet.

“At the event, the game is going to be silent because there’s going to be music playing live anyways, but after the event if we release it I think some of our collective music will be part of it,” Shappka says.

“There will also be this thing called the Infinity Booth, which is like a TV with some weird stuff on it too,” Booth says. “So that will be the chill out area, but mostly, the event will be focused on the video game. That kind of serves as the art and activity for the event.” 

The player with the highest score will also receive a real life Kudatah tape and a t-shirt for their prize.

“We will also be playing some unreleased music too, so it’s going to be a big event,” Booth says.

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