Jenesia “Walls” music video review

By Ellen Reade

Jenesia’s “Walls” is an artistically empowered look into the mind of a survivor of domestic violence. In the music video, Jenesia  takes the viewer through the stages of isolation, turmoil, and the aftermath of abuse.

Visually melancholic, the video takes place inside the walls of a condemned house. Jenesia sings from a cramped and cluttered storage area stuffed with abandoned junk. The colours used in the landscapes are earthy, damp, and muted—conveying cold separation and confinement.

“Walls” is a story told through dance. Choreograpged and performed by Abby Chung, the video depicts a dancer covered in, and surrounded by, a powdery chalk.

A dark figure in a separate room hits a drum covered in chalk, projecting it into the air, and fully surrounding the dancer.

Fantastic use of the powder thrown throughout space creates visually stunning scenes, with glowing light perfectly framing the dancer as arcs of particulate fly around her.

Throughout “Walls,” the dancer finds the courage to let go of her inhibitions—or the metaphorical walls confining her—and dance wholly, despite the hazy powder-filled air surrounding her.  

The lyrics at the end of the song shift from the focus on building walls, to a personal promise to instead break down these walls—a powerful statement about survivors’ reclamation of internal freedom.

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