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Carter & the Capitals keep it fresh and funky on its debut album


By Navneet Gidda

Departing from the familiar folk tunes that permeate Edmonton summers, Carter & the Capitals is mixing up the local music scene with its dynamic, funky self-titled record.

The band’s first full-length work, the album exudes unparalleled confidence and groove. With each subsequent song, a fresh range of instrumental abilities are featured behind the polished vocals of lead singer Lindon Carter. Thrilling guitar riffs paired with sexy synths give the album a school’s out vibe that’s perfect for the beginning of patio season.

From jazzy soul to rockin’ electric bops, Carter & the Capitals depicts all sides of funk. Catchy pop-funk songs like “One Step From Magic,” and “Everyday” combine the nostalgic beats of 1960s funk with the experimental synths of the present day. With the sound of trumpets and cymbals shimmering throughout each track, the album has an ecstatic feel to it that makes you want to dance the night away.

Even the softer songs on the album have a fun, liberating air to them. With lyrics that outline heartbreak and instrumentals that emulate a romantic ballad, “I’d Still Do Anything (For You)” and “Dark” create a soulful paradox that eases up the fast pace of the album. The band’s ability to weave  narratives about heartbreak while remaining upbeat is also truly impressive.
Though clearly influenced by the sounds of past and current musical legends like James Brown and Bruno Mars, Carter & the Capitals creates a category of funk that intersects between classic and contemporary. Its appeal lies in the fact that it borrows from the oldies yet maintains its own youthful identity among today’s jam-packed pop lineup.

Carter & the Capitals keep it fresh and funky on its debut album

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