Fundraiser show this Friday for The Aviary break in

The Aviary // Supplied
The Aviary Break in Fundy w/ The Peddletones, Duophonics, Holy Drone Travellers
April 19 (8 pm)
The Aviary

A venue crucial to the Edmonton arts and music scene was broken into last week resulting in $4000 of damages and stolen product.

Co-owner of The Aviary, Philip Muz, arrived at work last Tuesday to find his floor full of broken glass and his bar trashed.

“They came in through the skylight and robbed my till and smashed a bunch of stuff,” Muz says.

The thieves took a bit of liquor as well, but to make matters worse, they also took the venue’s mortgage payment that was resting inside of the till.

“I was going to do the deposit of that late that afternoon so I had to borrow some money to pay the mortgage,” Muz says.

Facebook image from The Aviary about the break in

He actually borrowed the mortgage money from his mom and is now throwing a fundraiser show this Friday to pay her back as well as update the security of his venue.

“We will fix the window and skylight, pay back my mom, and hopefully we’ll be back on track,” he says.

Philip and his brother Mark took possession of The Aviary in January 2016 after they were evicted by The City from their other venue, The Artery, due to future LRT construction. They officially opened the building January 2018.

While some people on social media are blaming the recent break in on The Aviary’s location, Muz says there is no real connection.

“Moving into a new neighbourhood, you never know what’s really going to happen. It can happen anywhere, but it happened here,” he says. “It looked like they [the thieves] scoped out the place and it appeared to be a pretty professional job actually. There were tools left behind, so they came prepared, but this can happen anywhere in the city.”

The fundraiser show, dubbed the “Aviary Break-In Fundy,” will feature music by locals The Peddletones, Duophonics, and Holy Drone Travellers. Tickets are $10 in advance or pay what you can at the doors.

So far, Muz has received a few gifts and money donations, but anyone looking to help out can e-transfer him at

“The community has always supported us and we are really grateful for anything,” Muz says.  “To support The Aviary, just come to any show. It doesn’t have to be this Friday.”

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