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Edmonton Pride Festival is cancelled, leaked email says

Last year's Pride //

Members of the community are both shocked and confused after a screen capped email from the Edmonton Pride Festival Society’s (EPFS) board of directors has indicated that this year’s festival is cancelled. The screen capped image was leaked early Wednesday afternoon and has been shared a number of times on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #CancelledPrideYEG.

“In light of the current political and social environment, it has been determined that any attempt to host a Festival will not be successful,” the statement reads.

Currently, the actual validity of the source is still undetermined, meaning that until there is an actual release from EPFS, this is only a rumour.

The leaked statement does, however, ask the receiver to “respect the confidentiality of this information until official announcements have been made.”

“It’s valid, yes, but that’s all we can really say right now,” says a representative from Evolution Wonderlounge, who received the screen capped email and preferred to remain anonymous “until the dust settles.”

Evolution Wonderlounge says it will also continue the planned Pride events such as the Pride on 103 block party regardless of the outcome.

“We will continue with events as planned and hope that this lets the community rebuild in a healthier and more inclusive way.”

This news comes after the EPFS announced that both the Edmonton Police Services, the RCMP and various military groups would not be participating in this year’s event. EPFS was also recently criticized for “silencing” members of the QTIBIPOC community after members from both RaricaNow and Shades of Colour Yeg were not allowed to enter an EPFS meeting. The situation prompted the police to show up.

Read about the situation here: in a new tab)

The Edmonton Pride Festival Society was not available for comment at press time.

Updates to follow as they come.

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