Funk king Stickybuds is back for another round

Stickybuds and Phibes
Mar 30 (9 pm)
The Starlite Room

By Anuska Sarkar

Tyler Martens, better known by his DJ name Stickybuds, has been the West Coast’s electronic funk king for over a decade. Playing festivals across the globe, like Shambhala, Glastonbury, and Burning Man, Martens rocks parties with his upbeat funk jams. His most recent album, Take a Stand, uncovers not just his musical prowess but also his ability to make people do more than dance.

The nine track record, which came out last summer, took a different path from Martens’ quintessential upbeat funk. True to its name, Take a Stand encourages people to stand up for themselves and not rely on others in the world.

“Finance and geopolitics are just something that I have loved for a really long time—it’s always just been something that I’ve been interested in, and I wanted to take my thoughts and put them into the music more,” he explains. “It was a long goal of mine to make a body of work that meant something.”

The electronic music world is one where finding works that go beyond the  music is rare. While Martens has his fair share of electronic feel-good bangers, Take a Stand attempts to be something more. It touches on economics, politics, and corruption, and gives its listeners something to think about.

The nice thing about music is that “people can interpret it in so many ways,” he explains.

While some people may find themselves connecting to the subject matter, others may revel in just the tonality and rhythm of the music itself. Perhaps music’s ability to take different shapes for different people is what makes it an effective platform to communicate greater messages.

Martens is now embarking on his 2019 spring tour, which includes shows in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and ends with his annual celebration at Shambhala’s Fractal Forest.

“Fractal Forest, it’s like New Year’s Eve for me. It all leads up to that,” he says. His favourite places to play “are in Canada though,” he quickly adds. “I’ve been playing in those cities for 12 –15 years—in Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Nelson—and I’ve been growing up with these people. So I always enjoy that.”

With his 2019 Spring tour, fans can expect a bunch of remixes from Take a Stand along with his classic jams.

“They can expect a good old Stickybuds party. It’s what I’m good at!” Martens says.

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