Tantalus Lab's greenhouse complex. It's products are available in Alberta // Supplied

Tantalus Labs carries on tradition of slinging B.C. bud to Alberta—legally this time

By Doug Johnson

The first offerings of Tantalus Labs flowered in Alberta this week, a move that—the producer of British Columbia-grown bud claims—marks the first time greenhouse-grown recreational dank from B.C. has appeared in its neighbour to the East.

Well, legally, anyway.

“I think Alberta is a sophisticated cannabis audience. A lot of users are going on 20, 30 years, and Albertans know what to expect from B.C. bud,” says Dan Sutton, the company’s CEO.

“They know the quality we’re committed to in this province.”

Two of the of the company’s six strains of cannabis are available in Alberta: Harlequin and Blue Dream. The former offers a roughly even mix of THC and CBD, though the sativa-dominant hybrid leans more towards the dopier side of things.

“It’s a really light and mellow experience, probably tailored to people who are new to cannabis or people who may have an anxiety reaction to too much THC,” Sutton said, adding that the cannabis industry is increasingly adding milder strains.

“It has this beautiful, woody, earthy aroma—we think it represents a new and exciting generation of B.C. product that’s not just about how high the THC percentages can get.”

The Blue Dream has a much higher THC level, but Sutton says that it offers an uplighting, energetic experience. He’s also excited about the strain’s flavour profile—it’s sweet and has a blueberry syrup nose, he says.

Prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis, Alberta got much of its illegal pot from B.C.—in an odd way, this kind of adds a level of trust between the two provinces, Sutton says.

“Good B.C. bud in Alberta has been a phenomenon for a long time. I know that there are some great Albertan growers as well, but we want to give Albertans the choice [to] try different products, and understand how geographic locations affect products’ quality,” he says.

“It’s like—we’ve got to carry the torch here. If we come out with some weak product, we’re really letting down the B.C. bud culture. We’re just trying to do our best to honour the people that came before us.”

The producer has been selling its products in its home province since before Christmas—and Saskatchewan is also getting its products at the same time as Alberta. The remainder of Tantalus’ lineup will be hitting the two prairie provinces in the next three months, Sutton estimates.

It will be rolling out new strains at different times in 2019.

Tantalus’ SunLab, it also boasts, is the first facility of its kind in North America, and uses sunlight—as opposed to artificial light—to grow their crops; this reduces the electricity demand in production by 90 percent, a press release from the company says. Similarly, it recollects rain water and filters it three times.

The grow-op is located in the Fraser Valley, an “awesome region for growing,” Sutton says.

“We’re blessed with this great, natural environment, and in our greenhouse, we just nudge it a bit in the right direction.”

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