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Thank you to everyone for helping!

Our founding members:

Alberta Craft Council

Brent Bach

Sarah Bach

Jodie L Bakker

Ava Becker

Cammy Blais

Charly Blais

Kaylee Boissonneault

Sarah Boisvert

Matt Bowes

Annelise Broussard

Melissa and Stanley Chan

Ravneel Chand

Mitch Coulter

Paul Morgan Donald

Emma Dresen

Dominique Dubbeldam

Ari Evans

Angela Eymundson

Michele Fleiger

Donna Fong

Nick Frost

Shani Gamble

Levi Gogerla

Rachel Graham

Lynsey Johnson Grosfield

Heather Gunn

Jordan Harris

Michael Hingston

Janelle Holod

Meghan Horosko

Chad Huculak

Jasmin P. Joe

Jason Kapalka

Alix Kemp

Kyle Key

Z Lievers

Allison Lilly

Lindsey Locke

Joshua Mahaux

Louise Mallory

Tiffany Marten

Lisa Martin

Adam Medley

Scott Meeberg

Jenna Montgomery

Daria Nordell

Pete Novak

Jane Ogilvie

Kevin Pennyfeather

Uzma Rajan

Evan S

Patricia Sauthoff

Michelle Deanne Schultz

Darian Selander

Lucy Slugoski

Samantha Squeaks

Elliott Tanti

Wendy Theberge

Mellisa Thew

Mikiko Van Horn

Cheryl Vesseur

Glenn Walmsley & Lois Love

John White

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