Review: Post Script “The Light I Can’t Block Out”


By Navneet Gidda

Although it’s been five years since the release of Post Script’s debut record If Not For You, Paul Cournoyer and Steph Blais’ chemistry feels as fresh as ever.

The latest album, The Light I Can’t Block Out, is a captivating display of the duo’s undying love for their craft. Reflected in the short length of the collection, it’s apparent that the couple values quality over quantity. Each lyric is thoughtfully curated to capture themes of distance and longing while the dazzling instrumentals are made to dance around Blais’ sharp melodies and give them a vintage feel. Evoking nostalgia for lost love and times gone by, the album takes us on a reflective journey into the nature of loneliness.

The record’s standout single “Dead Flowers,” which was released late last year, reveals the essence of the entire album. Equal parts gloomy and pleasant, the song depicts the fantasy we try to live in after a loved one has gone. It presents us with the pain of holding on when the reality of loss is too difficult. Blais and Cournoyer do an excellent job of melding a reminiscent tone with shimmering instrumentals to bring about this particular feeling. The track proves to be a Post Script classic among the ranks of “Dear Marie” and “If Not For You.”

The first and final tracks of the album provide a hypnotic cushion for the tracks in between. “Lights” is a sleepy, acoustic meditation on the disorientation that makes the loneliness of heartbreak so all-consuming. With its prolonged guitar riffs and deliberate emphasis on Blais’ drawling voice, the song underscores the quiet lethargy that accompanies grief. At the end of the album, an effort is made to come back to this point. In “I’m Trying,” minimal instrumentals are coupled with soft, listless vocals to pause on the unintended pain we inflict on each other when recovering from our trauma.

The most impressive albums are the ones that not only move the listener to tears but also conjure up a kind of sorrow they didn’t know they could feel. For this reason, The Light I Can’t Block Out is an indie-folk triumph that deserves to be played on repeat.

Review: Post Script “The Light I Can’t Block Out”

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